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Back to blog. Polaroid Lab. This camera transforms digital images on your smartphone or tablet into instant photos. Polaroid Now-Mandalorian. Give a gift of something that is classic and always cool — the Polaroid camera. It has an automatic exposure system and allows for manual focus. SD Card Pouch. Plus, this pocket size carrying case is a perfect travel-companion for your camera.

The iPhone Telephoto Lens. With this handy dandy telephoto lens, your phone camera will now have 18x zoom. Similar to the iPhone telephoto lens, kick your iPad photos up a notch with this rad pad addition. This fantastic printer prints directly from your mobile phone or tablet via bluetooth or NFC technology. Photos are full-color, smudge proof, and have sticky paper that peels back. Gift perfection. Selfie Ring Light. For both the photography and the extreme sport enthusiast, the Go Pro HERO 8 camera shoots in its 4K video and has voice control, one-button simplicity, touch display and waterproof de.

Or try cheaper version - Go Pro 5. Go Pro Fetch Dog Harness. The perfect gift for someone who loves pets and photos — the Fetch Dog Harness. See the world through the eyes of your fur baby. The practical present that all photographers need — a way to back up their photos and their memories. Make life easier with an external hard drive. Start every day off the right way by drinking out of your lens no, not really, it just looks that way. Easy Macro Cell Lens Band. Get closer to your food with your cell phone than ever before with this easy macro cell lens band.

Pixelstick Light Painting Tool. Create color magic with this programmable LED tool for light painting shapes, words and more. Matador Camera Base Layer. Consider this a winter jacket for you camera — the kind that will keep the gear inside warm, padded and cozy. Mod Camera Strap. These camera straps are versatile, colorful, and high quality. Made for the fashion forward, quality-loving friend who gets creative with their colors.

This printer creates 4x6 prints anywhere — thanks to the rechargeable battery built into it. Shoot Film Co. PhotoMemo Books. These memo books are excellent for film photographers. The s are used for recording notes about each roll of film dates, lenses used, etc. This portable charging device has a capacity of 30,mAh — perfect for bringing cameras back without having to hunt for an outlet. This relatively small square has GB of SSD storage inside and helps photographers in the field back up their photos. Camera Light. Light Diffuser. A simple thing that all photographers need — a light diffuser.

Try a collapsible one for traveling ease. Camera Buckle Lens Cap Holder. LensPen is the nifty little superior lens cleaning system for all fine optics perfect for your camera lens. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. Every photographer needs a stash of these in their bag, their car, and their home to get that lens safely clean. Underwater Digital Camera. Waterproof Camera Case. Or try a site like Snapfish to bring photos to life by way of a photo coffee mug. Gorilla Tripod. Regular Tripod. Every photographer needs a tripod — to keep your camera stable and prevent camera shake.

To support the dreams of an aspiring filmmakers — and to support and stabilize the camera itself — go for a camera rig. It works with any phone and takes phoneography to the next level. Cinta is an artisan camera strap line crafted in California. The straps come in everything from wild colors to subtle browns. Shot Glass Lens Set. Take a shot with a real lens — followed by a shot with a fake lens.

DJI Phantom Drone. The famous Phantom drone is a flying camera that takes epic pictures and video from the sky. Or try cheaper version. Give the gift of donut and hamburger lens caps. White Balance Lens Cap. Achieve perfect color with a white balance cap a lens cover fitted with a semi-translucent material. Steampunk lover? Take a look at these Steampunk Gift Ideas.

The ability for remote camera control for your phone — the practical gift that guarantees you can take a photo, anytime. Make your new phone look vintage with a classically cool retro camera case. Create your own special effect images — like hearts and stars — with your camera and without the need to do so in post-production. This ebook is a guide to using shallow depths in landscape photography and to help photographers see the environment as light and shapes. Portable Studio. A collapsible portable photo studio is amazing for handheld photography with a camera or smartphone.

Life: Photos that Changed the World. Explore the stories, and find inspiration, with the book that documents photos that changed the world. Lumopro Flash. Browse the world of camera flashes from Lumopro to find the one that suites you or your lucky gift recipient. What better way to dream about photos than to rest your head on a photo print pillow come nighttime? Check them out on Zazzle. Tamrac Goblin Memory Card Holder.

The Goblin Memory Card Holder keeps memory cards right where they need to be — and gets rid of the days of searching through bags and bottomless backpacks. For the enthusiast camera lover — these silicone bracelets resemble various camera lenses and let them wear their love on their wrist. Capture the essence of a big scene or give a close-to-the-subject perspective with a wide angle lens. The prime lens offers the ultimate in image quality. They are sharp, fast, and make for an incredible gift for any photographer.

Give that visually distorted feel with the ultra-wide fish eye lens, used to create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image. A telephoto lens will give a narrow field of view and a magnified image — the perfect lens to have on hand and pop in your camera bag.

This ebook introduces photographers to advanced filter techniques and helps lead to creative imagery. Rode Microphone. A Polarizing filter is often placed in front of the camera lens to help darken skies and manage reflections and glare. ND filters work to reduce the amount of light passing through the camera lens without changing the color of the scene. UV Filter. UV filters work to protect your lens from things like dust, moisture, smudges and scratches and are an invaluable accessory to photographers.

No one wants to be out and about or on a shoot and run out of memory. Light Meter. A light meter measures the amount of light and is used to determine the proper exposure for a photograph. Enter: exposure perfection! LUMU offers a light meter — for your iPhone! Remote Shutter Release. Remote shutter releases allow you to trigger the camera without touching the shutter release button good for situations where camera stability is needed to achieve sharp shots. Venture to Etsy to find cute, quirky camera necklaces for the jewelry appreciator amongst your family of photo takers.

For the photographer looking to grow their business, MOO offers a wide range of creative, cool and cutting-edge photo cards. Outdoor Photographer Magazine Subscription. Give the gift of the largest circulated imaging magazine — whose first issue launched in May

Friend who likes photography

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