Fifty shades of sex club

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A surreal, sex-filled night inside the Sanctum Club, L. And yet somehow, within the walls of the Sanctum Club, L. Shielded from the press for the past few years, the Sanctum Club occupies a curious space in L. Tickets are expensive and black tie is mandatory if you make it through a rigorous application process and onto the guest list. Locations are kept secret until just before a party, which is when gorgeous creatures, swinging couples, fetishists, and the deep-pocketed descend on a private home in the hills in masquerade masks—all the better to fuck in front of strangers with anonymous abandon.

With its hint of Eyes Wide Shut intrigue and pseudo-pagan sex cult motif, I was half-hoping for a virgin sacrifice to invoke the second coming of Sodom and Gomorrah upon my first visit to the Sanctum Club. Not that the trappings of the L. Half erotic theater, half posh sex party, Sanctum serves as a mildly deviant playground for would-be Christian Greys and well-heeled Angelenos looking to cross boundaries beyond the usual velvet ropes.

On Saturday night, as guests trickled into the party, they were greeted by two female performers fingering and licking each other seductively in the main room. Then there was our Minotaur, a tattooed stud sporting a teeny-tiny loincloth and bullhorns. One bubbly blonde moonlighting porn star in leather pig ears and a snout wore nothing on her hairless, tan body save for a pair of pink ankle socks.

The more adventurous guests took advantage of open bedrooms, stairwells, and padded surfaces to fuck in front of eagerly prying eyes. Plenty of others simply surveyed the sensual scenery from a safe distance. Fifty Shades of Grey is a pretty close parallel to the entry-level sexplorations Sanctum has to offer.

Since those early days when critics, he says, rightly spanked him for creating a less than sexy environment, Lawner began limiting his guest list to or so worthy entrants with an emphasis on women and couples. Only then, decked out in tuxedos or either evening gowns or sexy lingerie for the ladies, naturally may guests enter the soiree to witness and partake in the spoils of the Sanctum Club. Downstairs in the first bedroom, curious guests had gathered for an impromptu show.

One baby-faced young woman slid off her sheath and stood against a wall in nothing but black panties, illuminated in the crimson wash of a floor lamp. A female dom began administering flicks to her breasts with a black leather flogger with the mesmeric rhythm of a martial arts master. While waiting they were getting quite an eyeful: the first wave of aroused party guests had begun shedding their own inhibitions, along with their clothing. Lost in their own concerns, they paid no mind to the threesome of twentysomethings that was going down on the far side of the bed, where a pony-tailed trust fund type, also nearly fully clothed, was resolutely thrusting away at a pretty blonde who had a second cock in her hand.

A few feet away, two couples sat on a loveseat taking in the scene from the front row as another pair nuzzled amorously in a darkened corner. The latter was still high on the time, two parties ago, when he got lucky with a lady he met here and left to bone the night away.

Another party had a dazzling fire show but got shut down early by the cops, he lamented to us, before asking my friend to lift up her dress. Ditching our new pals, my girlfriend and I found a hidden perch under a spiral staircase perfect for voyeuristic peeping but found ourselves trapped when a horny couple sashayed over and blocked our exit.

From that vantage point we glimpsed a spanking session that had commenced behind closed doors under the command of a tight-bodied older blonde in fetish gear and a military style dominatrix hat. She smiled at a group of inquisitive male guests who stuck their he out to peer inside, waving a riding crop in their faces. She threw her head back and moaned softly. When she finished, she leaned in for a polite thank you kiss. Behind us, a willowy blonde guest in lingerie mounted a stripper pole adorned with a carousel horse that had been installed in the middle of the room, showing off expert-level acrobatics.

On one bed the makings of a gangbang were underway with an enthusiastic nude woman and her three male companions. On another, a slim brunette was going down on her man as he fingered her ass, which was resplendently pointed in our direction. Occasionally, the two parties glanced over at one another and grinned in mutual admiration—group sex at its most neighborly. Close to 3 AM, another pair of Sanctum Club members ventured downstairs and took over the ottoman stage with a sensual display of fully clothed, masks-on fondling. This particular party had gone well, he assessed via phone days later.

After his first rocky year, he says he made personal vetting of his partygoers and an increased emphasis on women top priorities, resulting in better, sexier parties. Haley Bennett — Kaboom. It was just past midnight in a private mansion off of Mulholland when I watched my first Minotaur get a blowjob. Michelle Fairley — Young Catelyn Stark. Post: « Laura Donnelly milking her boob to paradise in Outlander. Search Search for: Search Button.

Fifty shades of sex club

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