Extreme sex contacts

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You can contact real British women sex contacts here, that are into anal sex, golden showers, BDSM, foot fetish, humiliation, female domination and much more. Have we got your attention? Ever-increasing sexual openness and acceptance, together with ificantly more erotic contact and opportunities these days to engage in adventurous sexual behaviour has undoubtedly enabled an expansion of people's sexual palates.

You may feel that vanilla sex is absolutely your style, but you might be way off. Even if you don't believe yourself a whips-and-chains sort of person, there are quite a few indications that you might in fact take pleasure in the kinky stuff.

Take a look at:. If you've ever done any of the following at some stage in a sexual encounter or had them done to you, you might be further up the kink barometer than you thought. Pulled a partner's hair? Slapped or smacked a partner on their ass? Bitten a partner's neck or other body parts? Played rough or forcefully in bed? Used power or domination to control a partner? Played out a fantasy role play situation? Placed your hands around a partner's neck?

Blindfolded a partner? Physically restrained or controlled a partner? Tied a partner up? Performed demeaning or humiliating acts with a partner? Commanded a partner to carry out a humiliating act on you? Instructed a partner to perform sexual acts on you? Ever called a partner demeaning or degrading names? If you can relate to these, you've already ventured into the amazing world of kink or BDSM. Bondage and Discipline The 'B' and 'D' in BDSM are all about using restraints in order to intensify sexual satisfaction and issuing commands, rules, or punishments to control or reward conduct within the framework of sex.

Bondage can mean pinning a partner's hands behind their back in order to limit their movement or slipping on a pair of pink, fluffy handcuffs. Discipline involves corporal punishment by use of devices, such as leather whips, as well as emotional punishment. Things such as denying an orgasm, refusing sex, or having to carry out sexual or nonsexual acts also fall within this category. Sadism and Masochism This phrase originated from the names of two European writers Marquis de Sade sadism and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch masochism , who recognised how sexual gratification could be exposed in the giving and receiving of pain as a form of sexual expression.

In other words, these are the guys you should thank for 50 Shades. In films S and M are depicted using whips, chains, paddles, canes, belts, and even hot candle wax. It may also take the form of visual marks on the body such as love bites, bruises and welts. If you enjoy rough sex or a just a little pain, this style of play can be fun to incorporate into role-playing. Or else, you could just use it in addition to your customary sexual repertoire. Domination and Submission If you've ever acted out a sexual fantasy where one partner plays a powerful role and the other a submissive one, you've actually done some domination and submission play.

Of the three aspects which fall within the acronym BDSM, domination and submission are the most emotional. In fact, some couples that enjoy it never physically interact with each other. Instead, they play out their dynamic via phone or chat, or other online platforms. Can work exceedingly well in LDR. To go a step further you might want to consider kink role-plays like high-class escort and client or naughty schoolgirl and headteacher. So what's the deal with BDSM? A recent poll of our female sex contacts reveals the 5 most enjoyed female kinks following touching and kissing of course, which we all love, right?

See Who's Available Now! Get the facts on what the hell BDSM means and how you can integrate it into your sex life. Good to know, right?

Extreme sex contacts

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