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in. Read at your own risk. Welcome back to Gentle FemDom Life. TL;DR —. Girl Doms are very diverse and derive power from a wide range of activities. Assumed-Male-Dominance does funny things to girls who want to break the mold.

Reversal of which role?? There are many. The old assumption was that a female dom reversed the roles by getting on top in bed and choking her boyfriend and whatnot. Not really. Why is this? As an atypical girl-dom myself, I had to work extra hard to find people who shared my beliefs on this. They want to be served and worshipped. She is a Goddess. And often, an income. If you want to be one — behave. These ladies have a way with tools. Paddles, whips, floggers, swings, machines, anything you can dream of. These characters were invented for the male gaze, leather-clad bombshells willing to spank any man with enough cash in his pocket to pay for her time.

Why are they so entertained? Why are they so naked and hot? And why are there so many of them? The whole dynamic is, ironically, very male centric. Men invented it. And women took up the role because it was in such high demand. The ones who really do this are often older since this is a very traditional form of FemDom. Some might even have their own business cards, websites, porn channels, etc. These ladies are PROS. Treat her like the literal Queen of England. Follow her rules. Onto our next type. The Princess is a more common, more exploratory kind of FemDom. She probably spent most of her years as a bratty sub but got addicted to the thrill of power.

Because their role is not of a caretaker. Their man is still their caretaker. At least!! These girls are still figuring themselves out. They may not have all their marbles together. They want to play around. Because they trust you to handle all their fluctuations and rescue them if they goof up. For that reason, they usually go best with guys who are more masculine and self assured in their daily life but are willing to spoil their dommy brat girlfriend and cede control in the bedroom.

Give her space to explore. Nerd girls are kinky. Just trust me on this. They might identify as a switch, but they certainly do seem to like power. They like to feel safe exploring and going as hard as they can without fear of hurting their partner. Be gentlemanly, sweet, approachable, boast your qualifications for why she should trust you.

Try taking the conversational lead at first and offering her some ideas. Next type! Ah yes, the Mommy Dom. Unlike Princesses, Mommies are perfect for nervous boys who need guidance and care. Fierce protectors and givers and lovers. You know…like mothers. Praise to the point of embarrassment. Am I making you flustered? You poor little thing, come into my arms and let me touch you in all the right places. Mommies are true leaders. They establish power through their care, making you melt at their sweet touch.

Emotional submission is the name of the game. Mommies like soft-boys. Angelic pretty boys who prefer to play a more feminine role in a relationship. What a good good boy you are, Mommy is so lucky to have a boy like you. Do you like the idea of being spoiled like a little puppy dog and cuddled every moment of the day?

A Mommy Dom is for you. Their interactions will be lovingly condescending and make your heart explode into a million butterflies. Be a snack! Make yourself worthy of spoiling! Give her something to compliment you on. Send a photo of you wearing a cute sweater and ask her how it looks. Last but not least…. Executives are the least kinky, but arguably the most powerful. Modest, caring, and supporting, she shows her power when she puts others before herself. Because she already knows.

We see these traits on men all the time. The most successful CEOs are like this. Good fathers, husbands, partners — male doms have learned that true power is about being classy and staying humble. And sometimes men like girl bullies. See: Dominatrix. What can I do to support you? Executive Girl-Doms are basically everything we expect a good Guy-Dom to be.

As if their dominance is considered completely unremarkably default unless otherwise stated? Ding ding! The less she talks about herself, the more Executive she is. Pique her interest with respectable facts about your life. All people are different. Did you learn which type is best for you? Follow me here on Medium if you want to keep up with my articles. Send me a message on Twitter! Thanks for reading! Get started. Open in app. Scarlet Fever. in Get started. Get started Open in app.

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Domme girl for me

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