Dark haired beauty wanted

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As an accidental blonde-highlights victim, there is nothing that fills me with more anxiety and excitement then an appointment with the colorist. Add to that the challenges of finding complimentary tones for dark brown hair and the task seems daunting—at best. But have no fears, the tips and inspiration below will help you leave the salon with your inner Sasha Fierce strutting forward. Your grand ideas may get lost in translation so, bring a few visuals to show the stylist exactly how you want the finished product to look.

Talk through the entire process from start to finish, what products are being used, how the end result will look and if you will need any extra conditioning treatments. A hair gloss is a great option for someone trying to keep their virgin hair. A gloss gives a translucent color and conditions your hair, giving a slight tonal change.

The colorist paints light color in places where the sun would hit your hair to give a warm glow with dimension. This means you can splurge on a nice dinner afterwards. The warm browns will brighten your face and give your hair a sleek vibe. Carmel ombre is the usurped queen bee in the hair world. More women prefer the natural balayge look, but there are still true ombre believers out there that rock the intest dark to light contrast.

Deep dark purple hues really pop against dark brown and black hair. The attention-grabbing streaks starting at the root give dark hair an edge. The only downfall to this fabulous look is the constant maintenance and time required to achieve the finished product.

Dark haired beauty wanted

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