Cream in my hot chocolate

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Are you sure? Jumping straight to the recipe means skipping a lot of valuable information in the recipe's ingredients and their potential substitutions , as well as tips, tricks, and in-depth techniques on how to make the recipe itself. Whipped hot chocolate takes a traditional hot chocolate recipe and turns it upside down! Make whipped hot chocolate by topping a glass of warm vanilla milk with fluffy chocolate cream. When mixed together, the resulting hot chocolate is extra creamy and fluffy like a milkshake!

Most hot chocolate recipes are made with a warm, chocolate milk base and topped with vanilla whipped cream. However, this recipe does the opposite: it instructs you to make chocolate whipped cream and top it on vanilla milk to make the whipped hot chocolate!

Learn more below, and thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep Hummingbird High up and running! This whipped hot chocolate recipe has the flavor and taste of classic hot chocolate. However, it updates the recipe with a new appearance and texture! To drink whipped hot chocolate, stir together the chocolate cream and milk base. Doing so creates a hot chocolate drink that is fluffier and creamier than traditional hot chocolate. Its texture is similar to that of milkshakes and blended iced coffee drinks! One of the bright spots from is that more and more folks are cooking at home and sharing fun, innovative recipes online.

Earlier this year, dalgona coffee —a whipped coffee similar to this whipped hot chocolate recipe—took the internet by storm. A lot of people were sharing videos of themselves making the easy recipe at home. Many shared photos of their extremely photogenic coffees, which inspired others to make the recipe, too. Soon, folks wondered what else they could whip up and began experimenting.

They made whipped drinks with other ingredients like matcha green tea , strawberry powder, and eventually, hot chocolate mix and cocoa powder. The drinks made with hot chocolate mix and cocoa powder resulted in recipes like this whipped hot chocolate! Despite its fancy appearance, this recipe comes together really quickly. All you need to do is whisk together some heavy cream, cocoa powder, and sugar.

The best part? Heavy cream and whipping cream are made from the same ingredients: cream duh, lol. However, heavy cream has slightly more fat than whipping cream. For this recipe, you can use whichever variety you prefer. However, I very mildly recommend using heavy cream.

In this recipe, heavy cream holds up better against the warm milk base. Whipping cream melts faster. Together, the ingredients make the chocolate cream. You need 2 Tablespoons Dutch-processed OR natural unsweetened cocoa powder to make this recipe. Alternatively, you can also use 2 Tablespoons hot cocoa mix. Natural unsweetened cocoa powder is more typical and is cocoa powder in its purest form. It is slightly reddish brown in color and in deeply flavored chocolate goods.

It is the cocoa powder that is used for making midnight-black baked goods like Oreos. You can use whatever kind of cocoa powder you prefer or have on hand to make this whipped hot chocolate recipe. Yes, with reservations.

If you want the taste of classic hot chocolate, definitely use hot cocoa mix! You can substitute out the cocoa powder in the recipe with the same amount of hot cocoa mix, no problem. You can use non-dairy alternatives. Technically, you can get away with just using a whisk and your arms to make dalgona coffee cream. But get ready for a workout! More if you want your drink to look as fluffy as mine. You can use the following tools instead and make your life much, much easier:. Caveat about that last one: while you can make a perfectly fluffy chocolate cream with an electric milk frother, it takes twice as long to whip it up than if you were to use a stand mixer or handheld one.

Just be warned! Great question! Most whipped hot chocolate recipes instruct you to scoop the chocolate cream over a glass of plain milk. However, when I tried this variation, I thought it was too much. Even for somebody who loves milkshakes and blended drinks, I thought it was a lot. So, the hot water helps balance everything out and make it less intense. Use your judgement! Simply keep whisking. Depending on what tools you use, it should take at least a minute before you see any textural changes in the cream. You decided to reduce the amount of heavy cream in the recipe.

Yes, the kind you can buy at a fancy chocolate shop, lol. Use a cookie dough scoop to scoop the mass into individual truffles. Roll the truffles in cocoa powder and enjoy! However, that being said, you definitely need to start over with the whipped hot chocolate recipe. You overwhipped the cream and accidentally made butter. If you go overboard and whip the cream too much, it turns into butter. You can fix this mistake. Add 1 to 2 Tablespoons heavy cream and whisk on low speed until the cream loosens up again. No worries! This recipe technically makes one generous drink… or two smaller, more reasonable ones.

To make two drinks, you can still use the recipe quantities below. However, instead of pouring the milk, water, and vanilla into one mug, simply divide it between two mugs! Similarly, divide the chocolate cream between the two mugs. Et voila—two drinks for the price of 1 recipe, lol. Yes, this is actually a question I get about this recipe, lol. To drink whipped hot chocolate, stir the chocolate cream mixture into the milk base with a spoon. Instead, fill a tall glass halfway up with ice cubes and pour the milk, water, and vanilla over ice. Follow the recipe instructions to make the chocolate cream and scoop it over the milk base.

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A quick question, if I may: would you advise against putting a couple of drops of peppermint schnapps in the drink? Reading this while I drink hot chocolate with my breakfast.

Cream in my hot chocolate

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