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Getty Image. People can get a little snobby about their liquor of choice. We get it, we love nerding out about spirits. But we also recognize that sometimes perceptions about price or a name hold people back from discovering some delicious drinks. For instance, the best bottle of brandy is just as good as the best bottle of cognac. The two styles of booze are born from the same foundation. Cognac just has to be from a specific region of France with specific requirements, brandy is a little looser and comes from every corner of the world.

Both can be pretty spectacular when handled well. The barrel-aged, white wine elixir is worth taking a deep dive into. This is a journey through the world of brandy , cognac, and Armagnac where the regionals styles are paramount. What to talk about: Old Henny had a long history of being the go-to cognac at the liquor store long before Kanye took a bottle to the MTV Movie Awards.

Maison Hennessy has been making this stuff for over years in Cognac, France. This is an old school expression that works perfectly as a gateway to brandy and your party. Tasting Notes: Fruit is the main presence here. There are hints of the barrel left on the backend with a very mild dry spiciness. Make sure to have some Yeezus playing in the background when pouring.

The Brandy Old Fashioned was deed around the Sonoma brandy. Korbel uses white and red wine grapes most European brandies only use white and is aged in charred American oak. This process helps to make the brandy a decent substitute for whiskey in your next cocktail. Tasting Notes: Nothing is overwhelming here. There are clear notes of oak vanilla, mild spice, and almost sour fruitiness.

Then, on the sip, a nice, sweet, fruity nature takes over with the mildest of alcohol burns in a good way. Hints of citrus bounce around in the background. Cardenal Mendoza has created one of the better Spanish brandies out there today. The booze is made from Airen grapes grown in La Mancha , aged in old sherry casks for up to 15 years in Jerez , and blended perfectly. Then a rush of bright orange zest, oaky vanilla, and Christmas cake spices come into play.

The grape distillate is made from German grown grapes but aged in French Limousin oak like cognac for up to three years. The end result is a blend of two to three-year-old brandies. Tasting Notes: Aspach starts off with nice oaky vanilla, buttery caramel, and ripe notes of apricot. Then a warm pepper spiciness comes into play with a rush of dark, sweet fruits. The end is heavy on the alcohol with a slightly creamy edge.

Produced in the Armagnac region of Gascony in southern France, this brandy has a lovely level of nuance that makes it worth seeking out. This is also booze that people may have heard of but not quite know what it is, making it the perfect place to end the night. Delord is a single house operation where grapes are grown organically and sustainably by a family. The grapes are pressed and twice distilled before going into the barrel for long resting periods of up to 25 years. This is the good stuff, folks. Tasting Notes: Where Henny is an introduction to what brandy is, Delord 25 is an introduction to the heights brandy can reach.

That vanilla spice is supported by bright orange zest, sweet prunes, old bouquets of dried wildflowers, and whispers of allspice. Next, a rush of ripe fruit comes into play. Grapes, cherries, plums, peaches, and oranges all play a role here. Getty Image People can get a little snobby about their liquor of choice. October 1, by: Aaron Williams Twitter.

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Cognac online chat with hookers

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