Cleveland woman wanting

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Maine Senator James G. The Democrats, though, had troubles of their own. For on July 21, , the Buffalo Evening Telegraph broke a story many in upstate New York had long known to be true—that 10 years earlier, a woman named Maria Halpin had given birth in that city to a son with the surname Cleveland and then been taken to a mental asylum while the child was adopted by another family. As the only unmarried man of the bunch, Cleveland, though not certain the child was his, claimed paternity and helped Halpin name the boy and place him with a caring family. After dinner, Cleveland escorted her back to her boarding house.

Halpin was admitted under murky circumstances to a local asylum for the insane. The Chicago Daily Tribune reported:. William G. King, an honored citizen of Buffalo, was then attending physician at the Providence Asylum. When visited by a Telegraph reporter last week he said that he remembered Maria Halpin well. He says she was brought to the asylum without warrant or form of law.

When he examined her he found that she was not insane, though she had been drinking. The managers of the asylum had no right to detain her, and she left in a few days—that is, as soon as she chose to after her terrible experience. Halpin contacted Milo A. Whitney, a well known Buffalo attorney, and announced her intent to charge Cleveland with assault and abduction:.

Whitney says Maria Halpin came to consult him about instituting proceedings against all concerned in the assault and abduction. She said she knew that Grover Cleveland had plotted the abduction and hired the men to carry it out, as he had ly tried less violent means to deprive her of the child and get her out of the way.

King and raised in Buffalo separate from his birth mother. Halpin is still an attractive woman, and although said to be 45 or 50, does not look more than A wealth of dark hair and dark eyes of great depth and of strange, fascinating power are in strong contrast to a pale, clear complexion while regular features, and rounded chin, and a classically-cut and curved mouth could not fail to make a pleasant impression on those with whom she came in contact.

Although robust, her form still preserves its symmetry, and this rotundity of figure rather adds to her matured charms than otherwise. Was he indeed too much of a libertine to lead the nation? Or was his campaign telling the truth—that Maria Halpin was a harlot looking to cash in on a distant dalliance with the upstanding lawyer running for office on a clean-government ticket? Most observers seemed to agree that Cleveland bore some degree of guilt. I am very sorry to say that he is a corrupt, licentious man. He has never been married, and is notoriously bad with women. Cleveland is well known here, and it is a reproach to the city that he ever got into the Gubernatorial chair.

I most sincerely and earnestly pray that he will not be our next President. His public life is revealing his true character. It may be said these stories are put in circulation for political effect, but the trouble is they cannot be refuted. Still, Cleveland was not without defenders—including the famed reformer Henry Ward Beecher, who stood by the candidate in the s of the Sunday Mercury , a Democratic-leaning newspaper:. Oscar Folsom Cleveland faded from public record and seems to have come of age in privacy; some people believe he changed his name and became James E.

King Jr. Maria Halpin remarried and lived in relative obscurity until her death in , and she seemed to take solace in her privacy to the last. Angela Serratore is a writer and a contributing editor at SmithsonianMag. Undated photo of Grover Cleveland, Wikimedia Commons.

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Cleveland woman wanting

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