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Introducing: Mega May!

What do you mean this has been done before by many different people? Don't you see my logo in the banner? I'm totally the first person to do this, please. Welcome to Mega May! I'm dedicating this entire month to one of my favourite franchises out there, Mega Man! It's a franchise pretty dear to… Continue reading Introducing: Mega May!

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Rant/Discussion: Advertising Hell

Allow me to explain what this article is about, because the title may or may not have confused you. This is slightly a rant and more so a discussion about how advertising works. For my website I have been advertising a lot, and it’s either a hell or a major success. I would like to… Continue reading Rant/Discussion: Advertising Hell


GIVEAWAY! 15 Steam Games worth €200+!

I truly am in a festive mood aren’t I huh. It’s true, I love Christmas quite a lot. Wish I didn’t have an exam to worry about but aside from that, it’s probably my favourite time of the year. A few days ago I made an article about buying a Mystery Winter Bundle from Fanatical… Continue reading GIVEAWAY! 15 Steam Games worth €200+!


Is the Fanatical Winter Mystery Bundle any good?

It’s the Christmas season so you know what that means! Dinner with family, Christmas music on the radio 24/7 but most importantly for us gamers: gifts! It has been brought to my attention that the folks over at Fanatical have a very interesting deal that I couldn’t pass on. Fanatical is a bundle site that… Continue reading Is the Fanatical Winter Mystery Bundle any good?