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Some of our favorite looks and styles of the past year were sported by a brunette or a temporary brunette—no judgment here. When it comes to getting the brunette hair of your dreams, there isn't a lot of initial work to be done, like with platinum or pink hair , for example.

Almost every shade can be achieved from a natural base, so really, it all depends on what you're looking for. Sure, there are a lot of looks to consider when it comes to a great brunette color highlights, lowlights, caramel ends? Lisa Satorn at Nine Zero One says her most-requested shades are: smoky brown, natural brown, honey brown , chocolate brown , and cocoa brown, which to us, all sound like the best latte options. Choosing a Shade: "Most brunettes want to be warm and rich so golden tones are frequently mixed," Shalee Blatz at Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles says, "If someone starts with warm tones and wants to be a more neutral brown, then I would mix ash tones in the formula to cancel the warmth and neutralize the shade of brown.

Goes Great With: Most eye colors, both warm and cool undertones, fair to deep skin tones, natural makeup. Similar Shades: Illuminated brunette , ash brown , honey brown. Price: This will depend on the salon and how much you are changing your natural color. Whether you're looking for a major hair transformation or just a subtle transition that'll still warrant a double-take, we're willing to bet you'll find a look in our gallery of favorites.

For our favorite looks featuring shades you'll want to bookmark ASAP, we rounded up the best of the best below. We can't get over Joan Smalls worked gorgeous, rich color from summer Subtle lightness added throughout the deep brunette helps to create dimension and show off her beautiful curls.

We can't say we were surprised when Zendaya was announced as CHI's first-ever celebrity brand ambassador. She's a strong advocate for natural hair and embracing your roots literally , and we're big fans of her grit and her beautiful chocolate-brown locks.

Olivia Palermo appears frequently on just about every one of our Pinterest boards. Her clothes, her wedding dress, her hair—we want 'em all. Speaking of the latter, we haven't been able to forget this brunette-meets-bronde dye job that accents her features. We can't get over Laura Herrier's windswept updo. While she tends to keep her hair a deep natural brunette, it's never boring or lacking dimension.

If we didn't know any better, we'd think Lily Aldridge's balayage was painted by Michelangelo himself. This is the perfect way to bring lightness to brown hair without going the full-blown highlight route. We're cheating a bit here, but we had to include Alexa Chung's coppery strands on our roundup. Hey, no one ever said brunettes had to be all brown, right?

Brunette at the roots adds more dimension to the overall color. Gemma Chan has glorious dark brown hair that's both elegant and easy. Plus, do you see how the middle has a subtle lighter tone blended in? It's not as drastic as balayage but gives this color additional and incredible dimension. Major voluminous waves? An enviably glossy shine?

Emmy Rossum is a natural brunette pick we can't get over. While this is a super glammed-up version, her natural color is everything that we love about going brunette. Yvonne Orji has tried out a variety of brunette looks, and they're all stunning, but we're especially loving how this deep espresso-style goes warm at the ends. It's a less intense way to incorporate additional color too. Never let anybody tell you brunette isn't elegant or exciting, okay?

If they think that, they obviously haven't seen Maia Michelle's bob. It doesn't incorporate crazy colors, but it's still super stylish and more than noteworthy. Halle Berry often rocks some seriously amazing highlighted brown curls. Model Khadijha Red Thunder knows a thing or two about beautiful curls. The proof is right here—these multi-dimensions ringlets are beyond, and include various light amber to chocolate brown shades.

While we've seen her rock a ton of bronde and balayage looks throughout her career, we find ourselves swooning over this simple, natural-looking hue. We can't get enough of Selena Gomez's medium-brown mane with subtle balayage. While simple in nature, this color elicits an air of mystique. There's a really beautiful slight auburn tone to Jenna Coleman's lob style, and it really compliments her complexion. Her hair looks effortless and undone with a mix of warm and bright brunette shades.

Show off stunning cheekbones and flawless makeup with a sleek middle part and shiny caramel mocha-colored hair like Eliza Gonzales. Look at how pretty subtle face-framing highlights look towards the ends of her hair. Instant brightness! Hold on, let us grab our sunglasses to shield our eyes from the amazingly vibrant mocha color happening here.

Meghan Markle's modest mane is proof that you don't need to hit the dye or bleach heavily in order to achieve stunning color. While she's not nearly as much of a hair chameleon as her sisters, Kendall Jenner's dark natural strands are no less memorable when untouched by dye. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? Rosalia is all about embracing her natural color, which is again proof you don't need to add much of anything to make a brunette style pop.

There's already a beautiful caramel highlight interwoven that's sleek and glossy. PS: To keep your scalp and hair nourished, try a hair oil. There's always that one celebrity who is so aesthetically perfect it's almost upsetting, and that person for us is undoubtedly Jenna Dewan. No matter what chop, color, or style she opts for, it's always undeniably flawless.

Olivia Wilde told us she attributes her youthfulness to wine, but we're thinking her colorist has a hand in that as well. We're totally digging this dark brown bob with subtle red tones. Halle Berry has that total lit-from-within thing going on, but those face-framing highlights definitely help, too.

It's such a subtle touch to brunette hair, but it makes a world of a difference. We're all about finding sneaky tricks for covering our roots , but we think Jourdan Dunn's visible roots here are an exception to the rule.

Couple those with a light-bronde bob and you've got a seriously red carpet-worthy head of hair. Also rocking roots, Jessica Alba looks gorgeous in this chestnut color. Pairing the color with messy-on-purpose strands, she's making the case for imperfect hair. In love with brunette hair already? We are, too.

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Brunette looking for love

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