Beautiful lonely artist

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These few weeks spent in our Coronavirus quarantine among houseplants, roommates, pets, or ificant others may prompt us to look inward at ourselves. Why do I own so much athleisure? Are the fragile foundations of my social life merely a series of civil contracts that are valued by the transactions that occur within spatial and social territories?

Perhaps a few more weeks in Coronavirus quarantine will yield answers. In fact, artists, writers, poets, and other creatives have found inspiration under similar circumstances for centuries. Back to the subject: artists. How do they value or despise isolation under various circumstances? The common assumption is that loneliness le to great works of art.

When removed from the turbulence of society, the artist can tap into their own hepace and turn artistic ideas into art objects. But there definitely are artists who view isolation as part of the creative process, though. They actively seek out the silent spaces in which they can self-isolate. On the other end of the spectrum, there are artists who lived lonely lives because they were forced to go into hiding due to war, persecution, or mental illness.

Do you recognize some of these artists who lived in isolation? Between and , a young German-Jewish artist named Charlotte Salomon produced some paintings while hiding from the Nazi authorities in the south of France. Less than a year later, she was captured and deported to Auschwitz, where she and her unborn child were murdered by the Nazi regime. What came to light after the war had settled was a series called Life? But her art cannot be confined to the limitations of outsider art, feminist art, or even Holocaust art. Furthermore, her use of symbolic colors, harsh brush strokes, soft curves, and geometric shapes allude to the works of great Modernist painters like Gauguin, Van Gogh, Chagall, and Picasso.

From his disarrayed studio in Ekely, Oslo , he bridged 19th-century Symbolism and 20th-century Expressionism. His anxiety-saturated canvases are some of the most famous Modernists works of the last century. Due to a long history of mental illness, schizophrenia, and poor health in his family, Munch often found himself isolated from society and quarantined in his own hellish hallucinations. In , after a bout of alcoholism and breakdowns, he was admitted to a mental health clinic in Denmark. His compositions feature painfully detached individuals or groups who are isolated in the company of other people.

The final 28 years of his life was spent in relative isolation in his Ekely studio. He continued to paint self-portraits of his prosaic existence as a means to capture the solitary nature of life as he saw it. During the final years of his life, Goya bought a house on the outskirts of Madrid called la Quinta del Sordo Villa of the Deaf. Tucked away in self-isolation, and miles away from society, Goya perfected the art of being alone with his demons. He painted a series of murals directly onto the walls of the villa. They came to be known as The Black Paintings.

These are scenes of occult rituals, grotesque cannibalism, people beating each other to death with sticks, malformed witches, and horned beasts. It alludes to the painful degeneration of humankind. His brand of American painting is unparalleled in its depiction of the mundaneness of living a lonely life. They capture the feeling of absolute isolation in an age of high-socialization. Kusama is the living embodiment of the eccentric, tortured artist.

She embraces the art of being alone. Her childhood was riddled with conservatism and a tumultuous upbringing. She was not allowed to paint nor mingle with the opposite sex, and soon supposedly developed a phobia of men as well as intimate social encounters.

Kusama uses art to cope with loneliness as a way of life. Her overwhelming need to reach into the concept of infinity and present it as art is evident in all her world-famous Infinity Rooms. These are mirrored rooms filled with light and art objects which cross into the threshold of social media through images.

From there, these images are shared endlessly in the form of selfies and hashtags. It is hyper-connectedness and narcissistic isolation all at once. Her self-isolation is in part due to nervous disorders and hallucinations stemming from childhood. An early connoisseur of the art of being alone, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was a French cabaret painter and caricaturist in the late 19th century.

But Toulouse-Lautrec also suffered from a string of congenital health conditions including dwarfism. The painter, whose disabilities are attributed to a family history of inbreeding, even had a disorder named after him: Toulouse-Lautrec Syndrome. His illnesses and disabilities led to poor mental health. The artist spent a lot of time in brothels, drank too much, and developed a distinct style of self-deprecating humor. That credit goes to the hundreds of Post-Impressionist paintings and drawings he made of sex workers while living in his Montmarte studio for 20 years — a place he rarely left.

As he was unable to society, he purchased the parts of it which he could afford. His paintings captured the private, unguarded moments of beautiful people — moments he himself could never enjoy. A couple asleep on a bed as the morning light bleeds into the room, women kissing passionately, lovers in embrace. Neesha likes clambering up mountains on all fours, pretending she's a skilled hiker.

Her other interests include road trips, camping, wall climbing re: clambering , and putting her life and her boyfriend's life at risk by going on advanced hikes completely unprepared. All Christmas Easter Halloween. March 27, - Updated on September 15, Reading Time: 12 mins read. From The New Yorker. Charlotte Salomon painting in her garden circa From Life?

Get tickets for the Jewish Historical Museum. Edvard Munch in his studio at Ekely, Photo courtesy of the Munch Museum. The Night Wanderer by Munch. A postcard from which shows a general view of Madrid, with the now-demolished la Quinta del Sordo in the foreground. Get tickets for the Prado Museum. Eleven A. M by Edward Hopper. Get tickets for the Whitney Museum. Kusama in her Infinity Mirror Room Her newer Infinity Rooms are tripper than ever.

Toulouse-Lautrec in a photo series taken by his friend, Maurice Guibert. Tags: Culture Culture at home. Neesha Kanaga Neesha likes clambering up mountains on all fours, pretending she's a skilled hiker. Related Posts. Enjoy the Arts. International Museum Day is Going Online. Next Post. Feeling inspired? Get featured on our Instagram. Follow us.

Beautiful lonely artist

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How art helped me see the beauty in loneliness