Basic instincts needs

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Many believe that nothing matters more than sex when it comes to human basic instincts. Freud would approve! Human beings are selfish creatures. They crave for content able to satisfy their needs and prove they are awesome or they can become awesome after consuming your content. If so, congrats! People will consume your content like the dickens. Recognizing the basic instinct is satisfied, we feel reassured. Image via BuzzFeed.

Image via Time Management Chef. Turn off your mobile device, lie down to a sofa, and do nothing: no Internet, no books, no movies, no thoughts… How long can you stand it? Bright images of landscapes, interesting facts about new places, personal stories of people who spend months abroad — such content creates an illusion of presence, satisfying the instinct of action. Various interactive elements on your blog can satisfy this instinct, too.

In search of harmony and self-understanding, people consume hacks, tips, tricks, advice, and strategies that would answer all questions or help to find ways of reflection with others and outer world. Generate content to satisfy the instinct of reflection, and it will always be appealing and viral. Books all best leaders marketers, businessmen, speakers, etc. Image via Panda Whale. Reading your content about a girl singing in a shower and shooting to stardom after publishing the video at YouTube, people satisfy their instinct of creativity:.

If she can do that, I am more than able to replicate her success: I am creative, after all! Any content satisfying the instinct of procreation overtly or covertly will be popular with people. Image via Persuasion and Influence. Jon Morrow from Smart Blogger determines lust as one of the core human emotions, suggesting to use words that inspire this emotion and, therefore, satisfy the instinct of procreation indirectly, of course when writing content.

Gilding gives nothing but negative reaction of recipients. So, be careful while choosing words for your content and use tricky elements only where appropriate. Currently associating with Bid 4 Papers blog, she's also a regular contributor to many publications on business, digital marketing, and self-growth. Great breakdown on the instincts and examples to boot. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Content Marketing. Sharing this thing like crazy. Thank you, Aaron! Send this to a friend. Send Cancel.

Basic instincts needs

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