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We have played with others together and solo. We have and interest in going to an Austin-area club for both possibly playing on-premise in front of others with one another and also to perhaps play with others. The problem to us is all the websites Friends, Players look sketchy dated, etc. Can anyone speak to any of the area clubs with details? We would like to go Players isn't a 5 star resort. Worn carpets and mismatched furnishings are the worst I can say about it. If by sketchy you mean creepy people and high chance or being groped, then no it's not sketchy. People are friendly and the regulars are willing to answer questions.

They give you a tour, then you hit the crowd and start mingling. When I went there were about 50 people. Within a couple of hours there was at last 8 women walking around topless. Everyone is respectful. Best advice is don't be shy, introduce yourself. If you don't hit it off, head upstairs and play alone. The atmosphere is of a typical low key bar. Mingle, drink, dance. We've been to Players, and we had a lot of fun. There are two upstairs areas. One is general admission, the other is for the VIP upgrade. We played in both and had a blast.

Larger audiences in the general section, more intimate action in the VIP area. Staff was friendly, people were not pushy, and the DJ was a little cringe-worthy. All in all, we'll be going back. Oh god, the deej was so cringe. Every squeal sounded so forced. I'm cringing right now just thinking about it. Been to Friends a of times over the past two years. Parts of the club are a little worn down, but the owner is working on it. Friends has a couples or women only entrance policy 3rd male allowed if escorted by female. He only gives out the address to new people after talking with the female of the couple.

The club has a DJ, dance floor, dance pole, shadow box, dance cage and a semi-private room. The people are typically friendly. I have not been to Players, so I cannot confirm the veracity of this statement, but based on talking to several people who have been to both Players and Friends, the sort of cliques that are common at Players do not exist at Friends. As far as sketchiness, poor behavior unwanted groping, etc We've been to players a few times and had a great time.

Everyone is really friendly. Players is lame and dated just like you think. We went for 15 minutes and walked out a few months ago. My wife said the place made her dry up. To be fair, we didn't stay til out friends got there which would have made it better. Found the internet! Austin Adult Swinger Clubs? Posted by 6 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. The website can definitely stand a total rebuild.

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Austin club swingers. Swinging.

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