Anyone not a photographer

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Being a photographer means owning more than one lens, and most of all knowing about basic lighting and composition. Ginger and Mary Anne are sisters from different misters. Im a professional photographer and the last few years when I tell people what I do they say oh I have a professional camera too lol! Also yes its horrible but there are sooo many bad dslr fauxs there. Seriously craigslist! Recently technology allows for even the most novice of photographers to create some good stuff. Let them have their fun. It is not as much about having a job than about misleading information.

Many real professional photographers understand that it is not the camera that makes them a photographer nor is it the ability to take a good photo. I personally work in film as well as photography and one of the biggest problems with novice photographers as well as videographers is they do not know or understand resolutions, color correcting and grading, file formats and codecs, deliverables, print and product setting requirements and so on.

The business owner thinks he got a great deal but what neither of them is thinking about is… were the photos color balanced and graded for print or digital? What about the resolution? How about with video? Most novice photographers and videographers do not mention that they are just starting out. If the business wants to have a commercial made for broadcast tv there are certain technical requirements that have nothing to do with shooting great video.

Yes, they could release it on youtube but that was not the initial goal and may not be as effective for that company. My whole point is that look it is fine to get a camera and take photos or video and all of that.

Oh and just for clarity, I am taking time away from my work because this is becoming a big problem not for photographers but for businesses! Hmmm… Well, if non-photographers are really so bad in every way, then how can they be bad for business? I think you can find a balance in the middle. Not specifically in that order.

In short, and for clarity, I am a professional photographer and have supported myself very well for over 15 years this way I have seen professionals that photograph technically perfect, but their work lacks soul and heart. I have seen the layman capture an angle that has touched so deeply no one would soon forget.

Photography, by definition, is an art form. Therefore, it is interpretive. Have fun with your worthless ranting and raving! My question to you is are you professional photographers or just 2 bored housewives who need to put others down to make yourselves feel better? I can tell these two already struck a nerve. Must be unsettling to finally get exposed for not being a real photographer simply because you have a camera and the outdoors. A photographer is, simply by definition, a person who uses a camera to make images.

Give a camera and they are simply with a camera, but, the moment they take a picture with that camera, they become a photographer. Actually, you are incorrect, being able to press the shutter button takes no skill, judgement or perception of what you are doing. You may own a camera, it does not make you a photographer in the same way that I own a tool kit, but I am not a mechanic….!

Photography is an art form, some people are blessed with an eye to shoot and others are not. This website just proves my point…. Some people should stay with the camera phones and instagram…. I absolutely LOVE this site though I wish you had more pictures up from all these fail fauxtogs and momtogs. I looked at her site many times yesterday, read her bio again and again.. I saw misspellings on her site, grammatical errors in her blog, I saw terrible overtouched photographs, that could make a eunuch out of a woman and the same shot for maternity photography over and over again.

Just all the people that pick up a camera today, no film or composition background whatsoever. I love seeing little children with tree limbs coming out of their he.. Grow up, Marie. I agree with Kyle and seem to be about the only one. I post certain pictures in a modeling site and they eat me alive.

I thought I was allowed to post pictures but according to some I suppose to be perfect before post any picture in facebook. I start reading here and I can tell there is a lot of hate as well. What is wrong with this world that you need to tear each other just to feel superior? I type too fast and got too overly excited and frustrated with the whole thought of these Fauxtogs. Get over yourselves…. I too am a photog and prob would be featured on this site with some of my earlier work. However, I have become alot better over the last 4 years. I still poke fun at myself for shotty work or missing a small detail.

I love the site and will continue to make sure I am not on it!! I absolutely love this site. Too many people need to be called out for the crap that they are selling. On top of the fact that they are giving real professional photographers out there a bad name. A good photographer can take — and usually wants — criticism. Keep it coming! Oh ok, so a TRUE professional photographer is one that goes to school and re a lot. Great, thanks for clearing that up. What an intelligent comment. Amber — get a life and stop being so angry. I love this site! It kills me to see people at my level or much lower actually charging people or misleading them about their skills.

They secretly or not think it should all be free. I can only smile grimace. Some advice: hire a website deer and this site could go far! More images, good and bad! One thing that should be made clear…. Be certain that if I find one picture of mine posted on this , you will be reported. Critique me all you want.. I can handle it.

Violate my rights, and all hell will break loose. Your opinion matters only to those who care to hear it. Of course.. Opinions are like anal openings.. Learn to read. There is nothing wrong with wanting to pick up a camera and try shooting for yourself. However, It takes years of practice and education as well as patience.

People who buy a fancy camera and think thats ALL it takes to start a business is the real problem. Photography is very hard work and takes a special talent. If people want to cut costs and hire someone who is not a professional but owns a nice camera, then power to them when their images turn out to be terrible and their event is captured by an amateur.

I pride myself on my photographic education and apply my knowledge to my work. It is not elitist or self-important, I just simply want to represent myself as a professional. Good luck with your life. I started following this blog because I thought it would be something humorous to read and an educational tool for someone just getting into photography.

However, I have found all of your posts to be bitter and hateful. Even if you do not respect the photographers you mock, they are still photographers and have certisn rights. One of those rights is copyright on their image. You are reposting these images without consent of the copyright holder. I would assume as a photographer yourself if you are in fact one you would have a little more respect for copyright. And before someone responds with the cop out reply of one of your pictures made the site, I will say that I have never claimed to be anything more than an amateur and make no attempts to try to be a pro photographer.

We all make mistakes. If some people love their work and are willing to pay for it, then props to them. We ALL have to start somewhere. Yeah some of it is tacky, some badly edited. Yeah anyone can get a camera. But they are trying and learning. Just like you. What happened to you two housewives? Can you tell me your story except that you spend most of your day looking at photos on facebook? Makes me sad that you have such low self confidence. And I would be very interested to know the story behind the anger!

Anyone not a photographer

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Everyone has a camera, but not everyone is a photographer