Adult black relationships

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Search for more articles by this author. John F. This paper investigates whether interracial contact in childhood impacts adult romantic relationships. We exploit quasi-random variation in the share of black students across cohorts within US schools. We find that more black peers of the same gender lead whites to have more relationships with blacks as adults. While we do not find impacts on labor market outcomes, there are ificant effects on reported racial attitudes. Furthermore, an increase in meeting opportunities is unlikely to explain the increased interracial relationships, since the effect is persistent across time, space, and social networks.

Overall, interracial contact during childhood has important long-term behavioral consequences. article. No Access. Max Friedrich Steinhardt John F. Details Figures References Cited by. Journal of Labor Economics. Citations: 17 Citations are reported from Crossref. Crossref reports the following articles citing this article: Simon Briole Are girls always good for boys?

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Adult black relationships

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