Mega May Banner

Introducing: Mega May!

What do you mean this has been done before by many different people? Don’t you see my logo in the banner? I’m totally the first person to do this, please.

Welcome to Mega May! I’m dedicating this entire month to one of my favourite franchises out there, Mega Man! It’s a franchise pretty dear to my heart, and one that is already 32 years old! I’ve been in possession of several Mega Man games since I was young, but my love for the classic 8-bit series didn’t bloom until middle school. I know I know, I’m a filthy casual. Since then I’ve been playing the first six Mega Man games almost on a yearly basis. And since May is the perfect excuse for many people to talk about the franchise, I’d say it’s my time to enter the ring. The entirety of May will be filled with various articles, ranging from reviews to lists and probably even secrets. For example:

1. Review compilation of Mega Man 1 to 6

There is going to be one huge post with “mini reviews” about the first 6 Mega Man games. There’s not enough different about them for each to warrant their own review, but I still want to go in-depth for all of them regardless. I can’t exactly say how this will be set up yet, but most likely the following will take place: A short introduction, a review about the first Mega Man game and then shorter reviews about the following games which will still go in-depth, but mostly line out the differences and what makes the game good or bad. There is some sort of chronologically reading in this sense, but I’ll try my best to not alienate people who just want to read the review of a specific game.

2. Review of Mega Man 7 and 8

Both of these will get their own review since they’re the most different from the other games in the franchise. I’m not covering Megaman & Bass however. I do own it on GBA but I’ve heard not so positive criticism about that version. One day I’ll take a look at it, but probably not during a Mega May.

3. Review compilation of Mega Man 9 and 10

Yet again two games that are very much alike, and as such can be reviewed as a compilation. If I review 11 as well, I’m not sure. That highly depends on how much time I have.

4. Extra review/look at the Legacy Collections

Just an extra article where I go more in-depth about the Legacy Collections themselves. They don’t really fit anywhere else, and I do have my fair share of things to say about the Legacy Collections.

5. A list (topic is a secret ssh)

There is at least one list planned, but I’m keeping the topic a secret. It is not a countdown however, but it will be about all the classic Mega Man games.

6. ???

I am not 100% confirming this yet. It also depends on how much time I have, because the topic I have in mind requires me to not only write, but look more into a specific part of the franchise. I’m being cryptic on purpose; it’s another new category of articles, one that I am personally very involved with. Feel free to take guesses down below!

And that’s all I have planned for this year’s Mega May! Hope you’re all looking forward to it, and I’ll see you soon!`Also special thanks to my friend Sol (@TalesOfSolgilou on Twitter) for designing the logo!

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