April 2019
Upcoming Games

Nep’s Upcoming Games: April 2019

Welcome back to Nep’s Upcoming Games, a monthly series of articles where I help you decide what games to check out in the upcoming month! Last month we started off with Dead or Alive 6, which met.. mixed reception. It was praised for having great gameplay, but unlocking costumes ended up being a chore, let alone the ridiculously priced Season Pass. Eternity: The Last Unicorn’s fate in March was unfortunately one of the overlooked ones, and the people that did play it weren’t very fond of it. A shame, it’s a game that is almost made specifically to my interests. Devil May Cry 5 is definitely the winner of March 2019, meeting high praises from both the public and the press. The remaining three games from last month that were on my original list (Fate/Extella Link, Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! and Xenon Racer) all got the expected reviews, favouring towards the positive side. Overall it was a pretty good month, and my list only had one that can potentially be called a miss. There were also a few neat surprise releases such as Blaster Master Zero 2, Turok and a port of Croixleur Sigma that I wasn’t aware of. We also got the release date of the Trails of Cold Steel port for the PlayStation 4 which was also this month.

For anything positive I have to say about March however.. April doesn’t look that interesting. There are not enough new games coming out next month so I’m pretty much forced to shove in some ports as well. Here are a few games that I won’t talk about today, since they’ve simply been ported a hundred times and I don’t want to put them on here for every month:

  • Darksiders: Warmastered Edition | Switch
  • Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster | Switch
  • Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen | Switch
  • Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age | Switch

All are good games in their own rights, but I can’t be bothered to dedicate a full paragraph to them as they’ve been ported to every console now. Instead, I’ll focus on some new games alongside a few ports that are unexpected or just great in their own right.

Shovel Knight Showdown and Shovel Knight: King of Cards

Release date: April 9th
Genre(s): Indie, Platformer
Console(s): PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3ds, PS Vita
Developer: Yacht club Games

Is this cheating since this is technically DLC? Well probably but I don’t care, I am super hyped for this. Shovel Knight is among the best Indie games of the last decade, and got several DLC campaigns over the last few years with very good quality as well. So far there are three playable characters which include Shovel Knight himself, Specter Knight and Plague Knight. King Knight is the next–and I believe also the last unfortunately–in line for his own campaign, starring similar gameplay to that of the Wario Land games. If you know me, you know I absolutely adore those games. Shovel Knight Showdown also releases the same day, which is pretty much Super Smash Brothers but in the world of Shovel Knight. Probably because they got salty Shovel Knight isn’t a playable character in Smash. Joking aside, we’re getting two great additions to the Shovel Knight brand this month and I couldn’t be any happier.

Cuphead (Port)

Release date: April 18th
Genre(s): Indie, Platformer
Console(s): Nintendo Switch
Developer: Studio MDHR Entertainment Inc.

Talk about a surprise reveal. It was already hinted that Xbox Live would make its way to the Nintendo Switch, but not too long after it was revealed that a long-time Xbox (and Steam) exclusive would make it to a Nintendo console. It was even being pushed by Microsoft! While this game is practically just a port of the praised cartoony-like indie platformer, it is the only game on the Switch so far to have achievements! Although they’re being earned through Xbox live because Nintendo still avoids achievements like they are a plague or something. Still, it’s great to see this being an actual possibility, and I look forward to seeing what more we can gain from Xbox’s partnership with Nintendo. I kind of get the feeling Microsoft is slowly backing out of the console war, but only time will tell.

Konami Anniversary Collection: Arcade Classics

Konami Anniversary Collection Arcade

Release date: April 19th
Genre(s): Various/Arcade
Console(s): PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Developer: Konami

Whatever your opinion on Konami may be in this current day and age, the fact remains that they’re one of the longest-running companies who celebrate their 50th anniversary this year, and are in possession of quite a lot of IPs. They even have two (three) characters in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, more than any other third company unless you count Sega and Atlus as one company. To celebrate this anniversary, they are releasing three collections perfectly appealing to my tastes. For the first collection, we’re going back to the Arcade with hits such as Gradius, Twinbee and most importantly for me: Haunted Castle. I heard it’s actually kind of bad but I love Castlevania so I’ll play it even if it’s the last thing I do. The complete list of title on the Arcade Classics collection can be found here. Definitely an interesting collection with more to come later this year!


Mortal Kombat 11

Release date: April 23rd (Nintendo Switch version in May)
Genre(s): Fighting
Console(s): Playstation 4, PC, Xbox One
Developer: NetherRealm Studios

More blood, more gore, more Mortal Kombat. The franchise returns this year with its eleventh entry for all modern consoles. The fatalities look more brutal than ever, and the gameplay still looks like it lives up to its legacy. We’re getting a few new characters with time powers, as well as the return of Skarlet from Mortal Kombat 9. The story also continues right after Mortal Kombat 9, so if you do care a lot for the story it’s advisable to get yourself up to speed real quick. I’m also looking forward to the customizing mechanic, allowing you to mix up the moves of your playable characters. While Mortal Kombat 11 might not necessarily make huge changes over its predecessors, it’s still a fighting game we can all get excited for.

Aggelos (Port)

Aggelos is already on Steam, and while I haven’t played it yet (it’s been on my wishlist for ages yet again), it looks like another great retro-inspired Indie Platformer. Main inspiration being the Wonder Boy series and spoiler alert, I kind of love that franchise quite a lot. From the looks of it, it is exactly that: a retro-inspired Metroidvania-esque adventure that will deliver hours of entertainment in the current day and age. The story is also reminiscent of the retro days, with mysterious beings from another dimension invading the country, with your Hero of the Week being the one who has to save the day! While I can’t speak about the game itself (yet), it definitely looks like one I and many others will thoroughly enjoy.

Release date: April 25th
Genre(s): Indie, Platformer
Console(s): Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch
Developer: Storybird Games


Moero Chronicle Hyper (Port)

Release date: April 26th
Genre(s): First-person Dungeon Crawling, Erotic
Console(s): Nintendo Switch
Developer: Idea Factory/Compile Heart

This placement is actually pretty divisive for me. I’ve played the original Moero Chronicle and while I kinda had fun.. the gameplay was pretty bad, not gonna lie. I’ve placed this game on here simply because the Nintendo Switch version is an upgrade over the original, and I truly hope that the game will get better because of it. This game is not for gamers under the age of 18 as it is very erotic and involves ”Rubbing Monster Girls”. Yeah don’t question it, this is a true Japanese weeb game. The gameplay is a first-person dungeon crawler not unlike Etrian Odyssey, where you explore dungeons without a map and encounter monsters to kill. It’s not as deep as the games from Atlus when it comes to gameplay but it will do. For this game in particular, I would advise looking up some information about the game and then decide whether you want to buy it or not. Or you can wait for a review from me which I’ll release.. some day. I dunno.


Here are a few honourable mentions of games that look good, or might interest you, but I’m not planning on getting or playing for a while:

Hob (April 4th, Nintendo Switch): A friend of mine told me about this game multiple times. I know about its existence and I might very well like it too, but it has a lower priority for me at the moment. It’s a puzzle platformer by the studio behind the Torchlight games.
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (April 9th, PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch):
Simply put, I haven’t touched a single game in this series of detective/attorney games. I have gotten more interested in playing them however, though I most likely will play the originals on the Nintendo DS.
Box Boy! + Box Girl! (April 26th, Nintendo Switch): I’ve played a Box Boy! game on the Nintendo 3ds if I recall correctly, which was pretty fun for some time. It’s a 2D Puzzle Platformer by the well-known studio working cooperatively with Nintendo, HAL Laboratories.

And that’s all the important games we have for this month. Like I said, there’s not a lot coming out this month but the stuff that is coming out is promising. I’m especially biased towards the Shovel Knight expansion due to me having played the original game and all the expansions. I’ll get Mortal Kombat 11 eventually but I’m slightly behind so I’m not in a hurry.

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