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Shoutout and small update!

To start off today’s article: a friend of mine recently started his own blog for game and movie reviews, probably more to come in the future as well. I was honoured to hear that my site actually was an inspiration as well! Hearing stuff like this definitely keeps me motivated, even in tougher periods where my site gets no traffic at all. Therefore, I would like to introduce you to my friend’s site: Roberts Review Time! Wishing you all the best, and good luck with your website! But most of all, have fun :)!

Which nicely brings me to the next segment. As you might’ve heard before, I’m working full-time now. Which is going great! I’m really enjoying my job; nice colleagues and just fun tasks overall. I’m still in an ”internship” period (technically it’s something else but comparable), but I really hope I can stay here after said period is over. Anyhow, I made an update post about this at the start of 2019 as well, where I mentioned that I might slow down a bit with articles. I’ve been holding up pretty well, but there are still some small changes coming.

There is no set schedule anymore. I tried—or probably even forced—to blog at least once a week. While I hope to still be able to do that, articles are now going up when they’re ready essentially. That means that there might be a dead week in between, but I have my reasons for this:

  1. Reviews are getting a lower priority treatment. Reason being that over the past few months I was less enjoying playing games, and more focusing on getting a review out. Sometimes I didn’t even finish a game just to make a review and move on to the next review, and that’s not the mindset I want to follow. I didn’t complete WipEout Pure (though honestly, I probably wouldn’t have anyway) and I didn’t even make it past the first dungeon in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest while making that review. I want to take my time and enjoy a game, instead of having the mindset that I must play a game. This could also potentially mean there’s a little bit less variety in reviews, because I often game on one console for a bit before moving on to another again.

  2. I want to balance this by giving priority to other categories on my site, primarily lists. I really enjoy making those, so I want to prioritize them. They do take slightly longer than reviews to make however, and I also want to make them unique rather than covering the same games or elements every time. I also might combine reviews and lists more often, like I did with Hollow Knight and the Top 5 Boss Battles.

  3. Lastly, I am a result-heavy person. That’s not only the case here, but at work too. It’s a trait of myself that I’m not particularly proud of, and I can understand if I’m sounding like a broken record. But I get demotivated greatly if I publish a blog article I’ve worked on for a few hours just for it to be seen by.. two viewers or something. Are views the most important thing which decides if I should write or not? No. But can I get that mindset out of my head?  Also no. I do want to clarify however, that I am still really grateful for all the views and support that I get. Please do not let my infinite ranting make you think otherwise. Especially my followers here on WordPress and on Social Media, my Discord server members and my irl friends, I really appreciate all the support you’ve given me over the time!

Soo… tl;dr nothing much will be happening really. Posts might come at a slower pace for a while, but I’m not leaving or anything. I might even get better out of this where I prioritize quality over quantity and develop new ways of writing and implement more jokes, who knows? I do have plans for a 25th review game however, and of course, Nep’s Upcoming Games will remain the same as well. That’s the update for today, thank you for reading and stay awesome!

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