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Nep’s Upcoming Games: March 2019

Welcome back to Nep’s Upcoming Games, a monthly series of articles where I help you decide what games to check out in the upcoming month! Last month we had Wargroove, Etrian Odyssey Nexus and Death End Re;Quest which all met fortunate and good reviews from critics and praise from fans. Crackdown 3 and especially Anthem.. not so much. I personally feel like the latter has been overhated since the beta started but I haven’t played it yet so I can’t exactly judge either. I also completely missed two games last month which were the best Battle Royale to date, and the other was Apex Legends. For real though, Tetris 99 is such a brilliant idea and the man who came up with it definitely deserves a raise. It was really weird that I completely missed out on Apex Legends though, especially since it is the most popular game of February. I did play it shortly for myself and while I can see it being a good game and I did enjoy it.. I just don’t like Battle Royale games that much. But if anything, the game does deserve the praise it gets, and it makes me happy to see Fortnite getting just a tad less exposure. I also missed out on the Final Fantasy IX port which I’m offended by and I blame Releases.com for not having their priorities straight shaking my head.

March 2019 is looking good as well, though this month I won’t be looking at ports since there simply aren’t enough that jump out. At least, that goes for confirmed games as The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Definitive Edition‘s release date still hasn’t been announced. But if there is a game you can’t go wrong with, that would be Kirby’s Extra Epic Yard which technically is a bit more than a simple port but I still count it. So this month I will be talking more about the actual new releases! Remember that they are not ranked on how excited I am and instead just on the release date. I also won’t list everything that’s coming out since I simply don’t have enough time and interest to cover everything, but be sure to check out the before-mentioned Releases.com to see everything coming out!

Dead or Alive 6

Release date: March 1st
Genre(s): Fighting
Console(s): PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4
Developer: Team Ninja

We’re already at the sixth entry? Time sure flies huh. I’ve played both Dead or Alive 4 and Dead or Alive Dimensions, and while I am slightly behind on the series, I enjoyed both of them. Especially the latter since it was a sort of compilation for the first four games, having all the stories and a total of 26 playable characters. I didn’t get into the 5th game, which had so many releases and optional DLC that at the time I wasn’t too interested in checking it out. Regardless, the hype for Dead or Alive 6 is real and I hope it will be able to deliver which it definitely will just looking at the gameplay.

Eternity: The Last Unicorn

Release date: March 5th
Genre(s): Action Role-Playing
Console(s): PC, Playstation 4
Developer: Void Studio

I am always easily sold when a story is based on Norse Mythology so call me biased but hey, this game looks good. It doesn’t look like a game trying to revolutionize the genre but if it plays well that’s more than enough for me. Everything so far is promising, with many nostalgic features seen often in action RPGs like these. It does have a fixed-camera system often seen in the older games, and I pray to the gods the camera functions well enough. I’ve met my fair share of bad camera’s and I hope this game won’t have such problems. Definitely a game that I will be keeping my eyes on, and will buy and play whenever I get the chance.

Devil May Cry 5

Release date: March 8th
Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Hack ‘n Slash
Console(s): PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4
Developer: Capcom

For many THE ”Game of the Month” and rightfully so. We have been looking forward to a new Devil May Cry game ever since DmC: Devil May Cry hit the shores and umm.. was something. Let’s not bring up that game again to ruin the hype for this one (even though I may or may not have liked it, been a while since I last played it). The series is known for their blood-pumping rocking gameplay, and I certainly love it a lot myself as well. There are a total of three different playable characters as well which is always good. Definitely a game to look forward to, as it can’t come soon enough.

Fate/Extella Link

Release date: March 19th (PC, March 22nd other platforms)
Genre(s): Action, Musou/Dynasty Warriors-like
Console(s): Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, PC, Nintendo Switch
Developer: Marvelous

If you’ve been on my site before, you might know that I’m quite a huge fan of the Fate franchise. It’s no secret, and it should come as no surprise that I’m very hyped for the successor to the original Fate/Extella. Following a ”Musou”-like gameplay (or since it’s Marvelous, Senran Kagura with far less fanservice), the newest entry in the Fate franchise brings a total of 26 servants together from the Fate series, including the likes of Jeanne ‘d Arc and Astolfo from Fate/Apocrypha, and Scathach from Fate/Grand Order. There are also two new servants currently unique to this game. I have to admit that I have sinned and have not played the original Extella yet.. but I blame Marvelous for keeping the game at a ridiculously high price on Steam, even during the sale. One day we’ll be united.. one day.

Choboco’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy!

Release date: March 20th
Genre(s): RPG, Mystery Dungeon
Console(s): Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch
Developer: Square Enix

It’s been a serious while since we’ve last seen our little friendly Chocobo buddy in his own game hasn’t it? The Chocobo sub-franchise is actually a pretty long-running one, with the first game released in 1997! The Chocobo took on multiple gameplay styles, but his most famous adventures might just be the Mystery Dungeon games of which there are a total of four including Every Buddy! which is coming out soon. If you’re not familiar yet with how Mystery Dungeon games work: they’re rogue-like games where the world only moves when you do, usually grid-based. Explore dungeons, fight enemies and make it to the end of the dungeon. It’s one of my more favoured genres when it comes to dungeon exploring, especially games such as Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.

Xenon Racer

Release date: March 26th
Genre(s): Racing
Console(s): Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC
Developer: SOEDESCO

A futuristic racing game with a drifting- and boosting gameplays, Xenon Racer already looks gorgeous to just watch. The gameplay looks great as well, and the environments are interesting with real-life cities and places but in a futuristic setting. I don’t really have much else to say than me wanting this game lol. It’s a good way to close of a month filled with great looking games for sure!

Here are a few honourable mentions of games that look good, or might interest you, but I’m not planning on getting or playing for a while:

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (March 22nd, PC/Playstation 4): While I am excited for this game, I.. just am not in a hurry to play it. I couldn’t tell you the exact reason, but I’ll not get to this one for a while.
Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World (March 26th, PC/Playstation 4/Nintendo Switch):
Long story short, I’m way behind on the Atelier series. I am in possession of multiple, yet have only played Atelier Ayesha.
Outward (March 26th, PC/Playstation 4/Xbox One): I’m not a fan of survival games, though this one does look more interesting than the other survival games that haven’t interested me.

And that’s all the important games we have for this month. I am biased towards Fate/Extella Link and Chocobo Mystery Dungeon because of my history with both franchises, but the other mentioned games certainly look good as well. What are you going to play next month? Let me know down below!

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