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Nep’s Upcoming Games: February 2019

Good day to you and welcome to a new series of monthly articles! The title should sound obvious enough but just in case, let me explain what this series is going to be about. Near the end of every month, I’ll be taking a look at the games that are coming up the month after. Obviously there’s a catch, that being the ”Nep’s” in the title. I’m only looking at the games that do interest me, as I simply don’t have enough space, time and interest to cover them all. I’ll also briefly look at ports on the second page. So if there’s a game missing from this article well.. sorry for being human I guess. I’ll list a few that I’ve missed or am just not too interested in at the bottom of the page just in case. But if you are more interested in everything that is coming up, you might want to take a look at Releases.com which has almost all upcoming releases on their site. Games are listed on their date of release, not about my own preference. Without further ado, here are Nep’s Upcoming Games for February 2019!


Release date: February 1st
Genre(s): Role-Playing/Strategy
Console(s): PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4
Developer: Chucklefish

We’re starting off February with Wargroove, a Strategy RPG heading to all current generation consoles. It gives off major Advance Wars vibes and unsurprisingly, that’s also their main inspiration. The developers were huge fans of the games, and noticed a lack of such games in the past decade. Wargroove looks really fun and has a more fantasy/medieval theming instead of a military setting. Me being a JRPG nerd first and foremost means that I have a soft spot for medieval settings so I’m easily convinced. It also has multiplayer for up to four people! Definitely a game I’m keeping my eyes on, wishlisted it on Steam as well so I won’t forget about it easily.

Etrian Odyssey Nexus

Release date: February 5th
Genre(s): Role-Playing/Dungeon crawling
Console(s): Nintendo 3ds
Developer: Atlus

Presumably the sixth mainline Etrian Odyssey game, a long running franchise of Role-Playing/Dungeon crawling goodness by Atlus. These games started out on the Nintendo DS and have a feature I very much like which is mapping, also shown in the video above. Drawing your own map is such a satisfying thing to do. The gameplay has also been solid, with a first-person camera and many different classes. I hate to admit that I have only played the first game and the demo of Etrian Odyssey IV so far. I really enjoyed the first game but uh.. it was kinda tough. I could still play through it but at the time I wasn’t too much into it. Should I revisit it soon for a review? Let me know!

Crackdown 3

Release date: February 15th
Genre(s): Action/Adventure
Console(s): PC, Xbox One
Developer: Sumo Digital

Yet another franchise I unfortunately don’t have a lot of experience with. I know, I should be ashamed of myself. I do know a bit about the games however, and from what I’ve gathered they’re absolute mayhem; everything is destroyable with over-the-top gameplay, having many different weapons and vehicles to choose from. Not only that, but it has a futuristic theme as the main character, Terry Crews Commander Jaxon is a super-powered Agent of Justice out to put a stop to ruthless criminals. The game looks like tons of fun to play, so I’m definitely keeping my eyes on this one. Might even try and seek out the original games, Xbox 360 games aren’t expensive anymore anyways.

Death End re;Quest

Release date: February 19th
Genre(s): Role-Playing
Console(s): Playstation 4
Developer: Idea Factory International

I never really am ”hyped” for upcoming Idea Factory games. Eventually I’ll play them and enjoy them for sure, but looking at the trailer for Death End re;Quest I immediately get the vibe that yes, this is a game from Iffy with a lot of fanservice. Though, I am interested in this game and why is that? Well that would be the main selling point of course, as you can install different genres to have the game play differently from your usual JRPG. I am very curious to see how this is handled, and the gameplay overall looks solid. I won’t be playing it for a while because I don’t have a Playstation 4, but it will inevitably make its way to PC and probably even the Nintendo Switch later down the road.


Release date: February 22nd
Genre(s): Open world, Adventure, Action
Console(s): PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One
Developer: BioWare

This might just be the most hyped game for February 2019. Not just for me, but for like.. almost everyone. It has good reason to be this hyped as well, as the gameplay looks stunning. A massive and beautiful open world to explore with your flying suit, third-person shooting and melee gameplay as well as loot hoarding with a crafting system. Not only that, but it’s multiplayer with up to four players as well! The recipes for a great game are here, and I truly hope it’s able to live up to the hype. Please don’t screw this up EA.

Here are a few honourable mentions of games that look good, or might interest you, but I’m not planning on getting or playing for a while:

Magic Scroll Tactics (February 7th, Nintendo Switch): Another Strategy RPG. I don’t have a Switch yet so that’s one of the reasons, but I’m looking more forward to Wargroove.
The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince (February 12th, Nintendo Switch/Playstation 4): Looks like an interesting game in where you not only progress through the game with the controlled character, but also the Blind Prince. I’ll get this eventually, but I’m waiting for a bit just to see how it turns out.
Jump Force (February 15th, PC/Playstation 4/Xbox One): Okay so real talk.. The only Jump anime/manga I care about is Dragon Ball and To-Love Ru. The game looks good, but there’s no reason for me to get it. Sorry if I broke your expectations.
Far Cry: New Dawn (February 15th, PC/Playstation 4/Xbox One): I am getting this one eventually for sure, as I’ve really liked Far Cry 3. But with that sentence you also might have guessed that Far Cry 3 is the only game of the franchise I have played. Not only that, but New Dawn is a spin-off of Far Cry 5, so I feel the need to play that one first.
Remilore: Lost girl in the Lands of Lore (February 26th, PC/Playstation 4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch): Looks like an interesting overhead hack ‘n slash, but not enough to convince me yet to buy and play it.

Check out the next page for ports that are coming out in February. What are the games that you’ll be getting next month? Let me know down below!


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